No Fuss No Muss Online Lingerie Shopping

This is for anyone who loves lingerie but is sick and tired of the repeated styles that we are seeing flooding amazon ebay and even the local lingerie and sexy stores and boutiques Here is a simple guide for you: 1- Visit Canada’s sexiest lingerie store offering the latest in European trends and designs (Temptations […]

We Have Scoured The Internet To Bring You A List Of The Best Lingerie Blogs

Yes, that is right! We combed the entire world wide web to get you the sexiest list of lingerie blogs that we regularly follow ourselves to keep up to date with the lingerie industry (including seduction and erotic industries) Enjoy browsing these and don’t forget to comment and share! […]

Bringing The 90’s Back

The crux of style and fashion, the age of sensuality and Mariah Carey; the 90s were a time when everyone was doing sexy and doing it big. It is no surprise that as we end this decade many people are turning to the style influences of the time. Style statements like silver and glitter-coated gowns […]

The History of Lingerie

Lingerie can refer to undergarments or the frilly sexy one piece teddie lingerie and babydoll lingerie many of us wear to entice our partners. But where did lingerie come from? Who decided we needed undergarments and sexy pieces to wear to make ourselves look alluring? Well, let’s take a walk through history to find out. […]

What Makes Lingerie Erotic?

Erotic is defined as relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement. When we think of lingerie, we usually think of it as being erotic, but there are certain elements that can take it to the next level. This article will be looking at erotic lingerie with the purpose of answering the question, […]

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