Bringing The 90’s Back

The crux of style and fashion, the age of sensuality and Mariah Carey; the 90s were a time when everyone was doing sexy and doing it big. It is no surprise that as we end this decade many people are turning to the style influences of the time. Style statements like silver and glitter-coated gowns with half updos and sandal stilettos are front and center both on and off the runway. Chanel staple suits are making an albeit re-imagined comeback, and tiny purses are the newest-old rave. These statements certainly don’t end in public.

Like all fashion trends, bringing back the 90s can and will be incorporated into the bedroom, as a matter of fact, it has too! Considering that much of its fashion is inspired by the looks that were once deemed too burlesque for public consumption.

Now that we have established how popular and versatile the trend is. its time to get down to what we really all care about, how to turn it into a sensual look in and out of the bedroom. First, you are going to need some new lingerie pieces that means you need to buy lingerie in Canada.

Whether you choose to buy lingerie online in Canada or in a store. There are 3 pieces that are essential to committing to the 90s look.

The first is baby dolls. While baby dolls have been around way before the 90s, it was in the 90s they made their first non-boudoir related appearance in public. That means as opposed to being portrayed as simply underwear this lingerie piece was styled as a glamourous center to a daring look. It is no surprise with the teasing length and cut, and complimentary cleavage baby dolls are an endearing piece of lingerie.

The second is corsets. Another piece of sensual lingerie that made its first public friendly foray into the world in the 90s. these were commonly worn beneath clothes and wee only seen in burlesque themed media. The 90s saw this shapewear reintroduced as a styling tool as well.

Last and certainly not least are bralettes. These light and often wireless bodice pieces are great for wearing outside and made their highly controversial debut as an alternative to crop tops in the mid-90s.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

Wearing these pieces in the bedroom or outside is sure to keep the spirit of the 90s alive and well in your looks. Good luck!

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