What Lingerie is Recommended for a Submissive Female?

If you are looking to explore the roles of slave and master, the right lingerie can really set the tone. For either partner, there are several ways you can go when you are looking to buy sexy lingerie for these sessions. Here are some ideas for lingerie that is ideal for a submissive female.

Dressing for the Kink

The type of kinky lingerie you choose to wear may depend on the type of fetish you are into. Latex and rubber lingerie are ideal in a classic slave and master situation, but some masters prefer their slaves to be naked or to wear rags instead of sensual lingerie.

If it’s a daddy and little girl fetish, the woman might choose to wear a baby doll or oversized panties.

The accessories involved are important as well. A lot of leather and vinyl pieces have a collar and leash attached. Blindfolds, whips and handcuffs are other items that are popularly used in BDSM sex play.

Dressing for Events

If you looking to attend BDSM events, you may be getting invitations where a dress code is specified. The invitation may specify ‘costumes welcome’, ‘theme appropriate or ‘fetish wear’.

‘Costumes welcome’ and ‘theme appropriate’ are pretty self-explanatory. If there is a theme involved, do your best to give your naughty lingerie a flair that’s in-line with the theme. For instance, if there is a back to school theme, you might wear a tiny skater mini or a tie that can double as a leash.

Fetish wear or fetish lingerie is a bit more open to interpretation. It can include anything from a corset to a full-on PVC or latex body suit.

It is important to note that some clubs do not allow you to show pink parts. Be sure to keep that in mind when putting your outfit together.

Also, if in doubt, black is always a safe color to wear.

There are also events known as ‘leather events’. However, contrary to what they may seem to be, leather should be worn only by those who feel they have earned it. If you don’t feel like you have earned your leather, or if you’re not sure, you should probably avoid wearing it.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

When you are exploring the world of BDSM, finding the right sexy lingerie can be challenging but if you are able to find the right look, it can make you feel much more confident, so you are able to have a great time. Good luck finding the looks that work for you!

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