The History of Lingerie

Lingerie can refer to undergarments or the frilly sexy one piece teddie lingerie and babydoll lingerie many of us wear to entice our partners.

But where did lingerie come from? Who decided we needed undergarments and sexy pieces to wear to make ourselves look alluring?

Well, let’s take a walk through history to find out.

Ancient Greece

The invention of the bra can be traced back to Ancient Greece. Women would wear bands of fabric around their chests to support their breasts. These were merely pieces of fabric that were pinned in the back.

The style was picked up in Ancient Rome where women with larger breasts were considered unattractive and this kind of wrapping was recommended.

The bra continued to evolve as the chemise was introduced in Rome some years later. Suitable for men and women, it was designed to keep sweat and oil away from the body.

Over in China, during the Ming Dynasty, the du dou was introduced. This bib like item was also made to reduce the appearance of the bust.

The Corset

By the Middle Ages, the idea of larger breasts was becoming more appealing. The corset was an item many women wore to bring in their waistline and accentuate their breasts.

The corset led the way for other styles of erotic lingerie that were more about the aesthetic than serving any practical purposes. In fact, if you look in museums, you can see that there are pieces of lingerie that date back to the 18th century. These tend to be variations of the corset that include bottoms and garter suspenders making for alluring one piece lingerie looks.

However, even though lingerie existed, it was often thought of as clothing for prostitutes and it wasn’t made available to most women.

The Bra

Although early versions of the bra were introduced in times of ancient Greece, the bra as we know it wasn’t designed until 1914. It replaced corsets as a way to make women look shapely.

The idea of bras being shape enhancers was further emphasized as push up bras and wonder bras were introduced in the years that would follow.

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And more than that, the introduction of the bra would also open the gates for other pieces of lingerie to be introduced. Now, the modern women merely takes a trip to the mall to buy sexy lingerie including teddie lingerie, corset, bustiers and more.

Lingerie has definitely evolved in the coming years and most women are happy to embrace the looks and freedom that has come with it. But no matter how you wear lingerie and what looks you prefer, one thing is for sure, you’ve come a long way baby!

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