Different Options in Teddy Lingerie

If you are familiar with different styles of lingerie, it is likely you already know what teddy lingerie is. If not, a teddy is a one-piece garment that covers the torso and crotch. It is similar to a one-piece swimsuit or leotard but it is typically looser and more sheer so as to make the wearer look irresistibly sexy.

However, this very basic definition does not encompass the full range of styles a teddy can be made available in. Read on to find out more about your options.

Skirted Teddies: Teddies usually have a bottom that resembles a panty, but sometimes they also feature some sort of skirt. This look gives the teddy a sweet, innocent style that can be irresistibly sexy. It can also be great for ladies who are sensitive about their upper thigh area.

Cut Outs: If you are looking for teddy erotic lingerie that takes the sex quotient up a notch, try wearing a piece with cut outs. Cut outs can be included along the torso or near the crotch, backside or breasts. With this sort of easy access, your partner will have to take you in the bedroom immediately.

Bondage: A teddy can make the perfect bondage wear. Teddy sensual lingerie that is leather or vinyl is a perfect example. Many vinyl teddies also come with precarious straps and high collars that are perfect for tying a leash to!

Panty: Most teddy lingerie features full back bikini panties. However, there are variations here as well. Some are thong styles and others are completely backless. Decide which look works best for you.

Necklines: Teddies typically have a bra-like top making for a plunging neckline that looks effortlessly sexy. However, there are some with higher collars that give off a look of elegance that contrasts perfectly with a barely-there bottom.

Materials: Teddy lingerie can come in many different materials. They are often sheer, so lace and fishnet teddies are common.  However, as stated earlier, those who like to explore their darker sides may prefer teddies that are leather or vinyl. Satin is another popular teddy material.

As Outerwear: If you have teddy lingerie that provides enough coverage on the top, it can make for great outerwear. Just slip jeans or a skirt over the bottom and you have an outfit that’s perfect for the clubs. If you feel like you need extra coverage, finish the look by adding a jacket over the teddy or some kind of small top underneath.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

Teddy lingerie is easy to wear, it’s versatile and it’s sexy as hell. What type of teddy do you prefer to wear when you’re getting comfortable?

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